Complete Open Source Help Desk and Live Chat Solution!

Take absolute control of all your website inboxes with one powerful ticket management system. Includes a live chat feature! An all-in-one solution designed to provide the first-rate support every customer from all your websites deserves! See the many key features below!
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Sequential Autoresponder

Automatic Ticket Creation

Never experience a customer or a ticket slip through the cracks again. With OHD Email Piping, you may now automate your entire business, create your tickets automatically and even customize your own filters for populating nearly every field of every ticket.

Manages Unlimited Users

Real-Time Live Chat

Provide superior customer support directly from your website. A single agent has the ability to simultaneously open multiple chat requests if required. All logs of conversations are automatically archived. Live chat is fully integrated into the ticket system.

Internal User Search Engine

Knowledge Base

Cut your support in half � possibly more! OHD�s built-in Knowledge Base (KB) gives your client quick access to thousands of KB articles and even provides the means to extract and email these articles -- right from inside the customer's own ticket!

Web Page Customization

Auto-Save Dropdown Options

Don�t cut corners, cut time. OHD features Ajax, allowing you to select an option from a dropdown box that auto-saves the option and eliminates the need to manually save your selection.

Send Newsletters To Groups

Ajax-Enabled Canned E-mails

A complementary Canned Email bin further allows you to create and store responses to commonly asked questions about your products and services. Simply click on the customer�s email address, select a desired canned message and Send it -- all without ever leaving the client�s ticket.

Multi-Directional Login Forms

Quick Action Bar

And because OHD is built with both speed and safety nets in place, our OHD Quick Action Bar allows you to manage multiple tickets simultaneously. Easily delete, re-assign ownership of, modify, change statuses of, reset tickets and much more in a series of simple clicks � all from your Home page.

Manage Multiple Signup Forms

Integrated Spell Check

A single click of OHD's integrated spellcheck instantly exposes misspellings, assuring that all communications to your customers arrive professionally.

Unlimited Agents

Manage Unlimited Agents/Staff

We recognize that most help desk software charge you extra for the number of agents you can manage. With Omni Help Desk you can manage as many agents as needed.


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New AJAX Interface

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E-mail Parser Updated!

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Live Chat Updated!

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QuickBooks Integration Plugin