"Started a renovation of our website to include levels of entry. After paying two or three companies for software that didn't work, I came upon Omni-Secure. Their solution was perfect. Not only did they did all the installation, but through the times when we've needed their help they were right on top of it. They promised a product that would work and outstanding service and they have delivered on their promises. I am naming my first grandchild "omni-secure"."
Matthew C.

" I can't say enough good things about OSS and the people at Omni-Secure. Our beta-test started during Memorial Day weekend, and to my surprise, they answered our support requests promptly and efficiently throughout the holiday weekend. The product does exactly what they say it does, and is easy to use and configure (even for a novice). I am very happy that I chose Omni-Secure for our membership management system. "

" I needed OSS Pro to secure our company's data resource site. It works. It works very, very well, even brilliantly. Most importantly, the guys at Omni-Secure did everything to help me, even though I'm in Australia and they're in Texas, they walked me through some mistakes I'd made, in a most friendly way. They don't sleep! The only mild critisism I'd make is that I'd like better, more detailed, Help files. Nice that Omni-Secure will do all the work, for free, but I prefer to nut it out myself, so I understand better what I'm doing. Help files do that for me. Once I'd used OSS for a few hours, it became easier and easier to implement, though I haven't yet used all the features (some aren't relevant to my needs). OSS is real value for money and has saved me and my company a lot more than it costs. A lot more. Thank you. "

" I downloaded and installed OSS 5 Deluxe on 10-day Free Trial. Installation was a breeze, configuration was smooth. Support during the Free Trial was superb. We purchased the software and have had no problems since. The interface is smooth and very fast. Custom scripting is available and delivered quickly. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the software to anyone, but the customer service stands out especially. These guys really know how to treat a customer. "
B. Limas Hospices.

" My client's website needs to be completed by June 6th of this year for debut at SUPERCOMM 2005. One month away and the user authentication software I purchased still doesn't work. I decide to search for another solution and found Omni-Secure. Within two days their security and user management system was up and running. Best customer service from a software company I've seen in awhile. Can you say "Sigh of Relief". Jim."